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5 Steps to Optimize Gaming on your Mac

  Here’s some good news if you’re a gamer: you are no longer limited to playing games on your Windows PC, because gaming companies have been continuously working over the past few years to make their games compatible with the Mac OS. And to make your Mac gaming experience better, here are a few things […]


5 iPhoneography Tips: Using your iPhone’s Camera to its Full Potential

With Instagram, Camera 360, and other photography applications readily available for smartphones and tablets, everybody’s a photography enthusiast nowadays. If you want to take photographs other than selfies, though, you might as well first learn the basics of iPhone photography. There’s even a term for people who take stunning photos using their iPhones: iPhoneographers. Want […]

thunderbolt 2

Thunderbolt 2: Is the Upgrade Worth It?

The Thunderbolt interface has revolutionized I/O connectivity for the Mac. Developed by Intel with collaboration from Apple, Thunderbolt combines data, audio, and power in a single connection. Thunderbolt also allows high-speed connections for peripherals such as hard drives, RAID arrays, video-capture solutions and network interfaces. It has redefined the idea of expansion, and is a […]


Think outside the box: Apps to Fuel Creativity

Are you a graphic artist? You probably know the thrill and uncertainty of holding a brush or a pencil in your hand, not knowing what the finished product will be. As a Fine Arts graduate, I’m pretty familiar with that feeling. The creative process is both a wonderful and cruel state of one’s time. Now, […]


Why You Should Buy an AppleCare Protection Plan

So you have a brand-new Mac. The first thing you probably want to do is find ways of taking care of it. You’re considering getting an AppleCare Protection Plan but the $100+ price tag is just too much for your budget. You ask yourself if it’s worth it. Here are some reasons that will convince […]


5 Features You Should Know About iMessage

Texting has become the preferred means of communication for people who want to get informed or updated in the quickest way possible. And since mobile interfaces are getting more advanced, messaging features are getting smarter to make tasks more convenient for users. iOS 7 from Apple introduced a redesign of the mobile OS which, of […]

Microsoft launches Office 365 Personal for Mac, iPad

If you feel that the Office 365 Home is too expensive for your taste, Microsoft unveiled a cheaper alternative with the Office 365 Personal subscription. At $6.99 / month or $69.99 / year, Office 365 Personal allows access to one Mac or PC, or one iPad, instead of the five that Home plan offers. Personal […]

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Which iPod are You?

Music is and always will be a part of a person’s life. Can you just imagine doing a menial task to the sounds of silence? You’d probably go crazy pretty fast. Apple has different devices that can provide you with music-listening pleasure plus entertainment. And if you’re wondering which mp3 player best fits you and […]


5 Photo Editing Apps You Should Try

Not everyone is Photoshop-savvy, but with today’s technology and simple smartphone apps, anyone can edit their pictures to show off their awesome vacations or their newest purchases. But just what are some of the coolest photo editing apps on the market today?   Adobe Photoshop Express Free Already have Adobe Photoshop on your desktop computer? […]

AirPlay + AirPrint: Wireless is Wonderful

AirPlay + AirPrint: Wireless is Wonderful

Fiddling around wires went from being strategic to just bothersome. Since the dark ages (proximately 70 years ago) when the first computer became available, meters of bulky wire became a resident in offices or maybe homes that want to take advantage of the new technology. Fast forward to the 90’s when Bluetooth (developed in 1996 […]

iCloud tips: How to Recover your Lost iPhone Contacts

There are some days when luck doesn’t seem to be on our side of the fence. Unfortunately, your iPhone may have its own lapses as well. Some users report sudden loss of their contacts, mostly because of reasons ranging from new OS upgrades, jailbreaking, iPhone reset, auto restart, or and some unknown cause. Yes, it […]

Apple says they are not affected by “Heartbleed”

In the advent of the “Heartbleed” security flaw that may have affected thousands of sites, Apple has revealed that their mobile, desktop and Web services were not affected. An Apple spokesperson confirmed that they have never incorporated the affected software onto iOS and OS X, and that their key web-based services were not affected. “Heartbleed […]

A Closer Look at Apple’s Take on Road Trip Safety

A Closer Look at Apple’s Take on Road Trip Safety

Did you know that cellphone usage is one of the leading causes of road accidents in the USA? One out four car accidents is due to cellphone usage. In fact, an estimated 245,358 road accidents this year involve drivers using their cellphones. Out of this, Apple had an idea. As everything is digital nowadays through 21st-century […]

ipad 4th gen

The Stellar Comeback of the iPad 4th Gen with Retina Display

Same name. Better specs. Lower price. Introducing the most affordable 9.7” iPad at the price of $399, Apple says that the iPad 4th Generation with Retina Display 16GB Wi-Fi replaces the iPad 2 as the cheapest iPad ever! The 4th-generation iPad comes with an improved camera and enhanced performance. For $399, you can now get […]

Five Computer Games for Your Family

You’ve been staying at home for spring break and you’re bored. You’ve already tried all the board games available and they just weren’t interesting enough. As each day seems to grow longer, you wish you had something new and different to try with the family. If that’s the case, here’s a quick list of PC games […]